Thousands of people are living hell on Earth, called Locked-in State. Disease or accidents have left them unable to speak or type, turn on a radio or ask for help, unless accompanied by a trained caregiver. Salvation in terms of self-agency comes from assistive technologies. Communication system provided by Intel to Stephen Hawking proves that empathy in not the sole reason why society should help those people by providing appropriate technologies.

PISAK (Polish Integrative System for Alternative Communication) was created during a 3-years project subsidized by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development, which included testing on groups of disabled users (project completes in March 2016). Written in Python, customizable via JSON/CSS configs, works in GNU/Linux and provides email, blogs and multimedia for those who can control switch, sip-and-puff, head movement or eyetracking interfaces (BCI planned in close future), in a FOSS and highly customizable system.